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Workplace Disputes

Taking Employment Disputes Seriously

WorkplaceDisputesWorkplace disputes, particularly employment disputes, can be toxic for an entire business. Smaller businesses, in particular, can be paralyzed by a valued employee’s perception of unfair treatment by a superior. Many sensitive issues such as emotional bullying or gender or racial discrimination between employees can quickly turn a cooperative atmosphere into an environment filled with hostile stares and belligerent behavior.

While getting rid of “rotten apples” may be an efficient method for quickly solving problems, there is often no clear understanding of who is to blame. Additionally, when the underlying causes of an employment disagreement have to do with cultural or racial misunderstandings, the dispute resolution becomes more complicated.

Not only are there solid business reasons for a harmonious workplace, defending allegations of violated EEOC protected rights against gender, age, or national origin discrimination can be expensive and bad for your business’s image and reputation, whether or not the accusation is truthful.

Experience and Sensitivity Count

With innovative dispute resolution tools, my goal is to help you find the best solution for your situation. I have mediated disputes between management and employees, involving claims of discrimination in such fields as retail sales, higher education, government agencies, telecommunications, and the real estate and hotel industries. I have also assisted in the resolution of breach-of-contract claims of a terminated CEO and other higher executives.

Workplace disputes don’t have to ruin your business. As a mediator, I can help you protect your business’s reputation, while dealing with the rights and interests of your employees.