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HOA Disputes

Rules Will Be Broken

HOA-DisputesLiving in a community with a homeowners association (HOA) often means sacrificing certain freedoms for the amenities. You agree to abide by a set of rules in exchange for a higher quality of life. Now, rules are bound to be broken or misinterpreted at some point—whether by you, your neighbors, or the association, itself. Because of this, disputes between a homeowner and the HOA or among neighbors are not uncommon. These types of disputes are best handled carefully, as—win or lose—you will still be living near the other party. Instead of taking your neighbors to court, dispute resolution through mediation is the ideal option.

HOA Dispute Resolution

Many residences in Southern California have a mandatory Homeowners Association (HOA). Disputes between owners and the HOA or between multiple homeowners are not uncommon. Although few reach the courts or arbitration, the divisive effect of a dispute among neighbors can make everyday life unpleasant and harmful to the social fabric of the community. I have mediated many neighbor-neighbor disputes involving quality-of-life issues, such as excessive noise, trash, access to parking, and pet aggression, as well as issues involving alleged HOA rule violations.

As a neutral party, I listen to every side of the story and work with all concerned to find a mutually agreeable resolution. In many cases, I have helped parties reach an agreement in a matter of hours. Let me help you keep the peace in your neighborhood and resolve your HOA disputes in an efficient, civil manner.