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Elder Issues

Preserve Family Relationships

The aging process often creates new physical, legal, financial, and emotional challenges for an elderly person and their loved ones. As a loved one gets older, the family often has to make decisions about where they’ll live, who will take care of them, who will manage the finances, and how their assets will be divided.

Elder care decisions can be extremely stressful to make, sometimes tearing families apart in the process. These challenges may trigger disagreements among siblings and parents. And in many other cases, families avoid making decisions altogether—often times until they’re forced to make a hasty, unplanned choice. Rather than creating more challenges and frustration, your family may benefit from resolving any elder issues through mediation.

Communication is Key

The goal of elder issues mediation is to agree on the best course of action for a loved one that everyone can support. Too often, these discussions are fueled by emotions and personal feelings—rather than the elder’s underlying needs and wants. As an unbiased, third-party facilitator, I ultimately help you find the best solution for everyone involved. In addition to helping you preserve family relationships, the benefits of resolving elder issues through mediation include:

  • Safe Environment—The process can be as confidential and private as you wish
  • Respect—Your elderly loved one is involved in the process, allowing your family to come to a decision that respects their interests and wishes. Additionally, I’ll make sure everyone gets a chance to voice their concerns and opinions.
  • Outcome Control—As a mediator, I assist with communication and discussions, but the decision is ultimately in your family’s hands
  • Early Engagement—The best time to discuss an elder’s care is before it’s necessary. We can begin the process as early as you’ld like to avoid problems and stress when the time comes.

Questions To Be Discussed

My goal is to help families reach the best decisions regarding their parent or elderly loved one’s future. When resolving elder issues, the following questions typically arise:

Care and Living Arrangements

  • Is your parent capable of taking care of himself/herself?
  • If not, should they receive assistance from a caregiver?
  • Should they move in with one of their children?
  • Would they be better off in an assisted living facility?
  • Which area is the most convenient for any and all siblings?
  • Who will be financially responsible for their living expenses?
  • Should a geriatric social worker or an elder attorney be utilized?

Financial Issues

  • If one sibling is taking on more financial or care responsibilities, would they be compensated by a larger share of assets in the estate?
  • How should the responsibilities be divided among the siblings? What is considered “fair”?
  • If there are stepparents or stepsiblings involved, how much are they entitled to? Will they have as much say in the process?

Elder Issues Mediation with Richard Lutringer

The private, confidential and voluntary mediation process can assure that all voices are heard and that all options are explored. While consensus decisions are not always easily reached, mediation can help bring your family together, rather than tearing it apart. I’ll help your family reach fair agreements on the important decisions concerning elder care and your aging loved one’s well being.