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Divorce Mediation

Lutringer-Consulting-Assisting-With-Divorce-MediationDivorce is common, even among baby boomers and seniors, whether straight or gay. Divorce is traumatic, confronting the loss of once held hopes and dreams against the unfortunate reality of a currently unsustainable relationship. Even without minor children, breaking up is never easy and is expensive in time, emotions and money if approached through traditional litigation. Assuming parties want to separate amicably in good faith, results achieved through mediation are generally more satisfactory for both parties, and certainly children, as results reached through a contentious court process. Lawyers, of course, are helpful in assuring each party that all aspects have been considered, but don't always need to be in the room when parties are themselves able to express their needs and desires in a mediation setting. Mediated divorces are accomplished in 25% of the time as typical courtroom divorces, and usually at a fraction of the expense.

Unlike litigation, the mediation process is confidential, an important aspect for many couples who would prefer that the details of their daily life and finances not be open to the public.

The first consultation to describe the mediation process is free, whether or not you decide to use my services to mediate your divorce.