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Commercial Mediation


The formal litigation process can last months or years in some cases. It also can quickly turn expensive, complicated, and hostile. Let me help your business settle a dispute in a more efficient way.


HOA Disputes


Because disputes among neighbors can make everyday life unpleasant for all involved, HOA disputes should be handled with special care. I’ll help you maintain peace within your neighborhood through mediation.


Workplace Disputes


A workplace dispute doesn’t have to destroy your business. As a mediator experienced in business law, I’ll help you avoid damage to your business’s reputation, while balancing the interests and rights of your employees.


Divorce Mediation


Divorce isn’t easy for any couple, or for any family. Splitting assets and deciding on childcare can put more strain on an already difficult situation. As an experienced mediator, I am in the position to help you navigate these difficult times.


Elder Issues

When you and your siblings can’t agree on an elderly parent’s care and living arrangements, I’ll help you find a way through the challenge using mediation techniques.


The Better Way to Solve Disputes

Mediation is an alternative to settling a dispute through the court system, although it can run parallel to it. In the mediation process, two or more parties work with a mediator to resolve a dispute. The mediator, an unbiased third party with professional training, is not concerned with who’s at fault or who’s right or wrong. Rather, a mediator focuses on how a problem can be solved. The goal is to reach the best possible solution for all involved, rather than an “all or nothing” result. Many mediations take less than a day and are less expensive and less complicated than formal litigation.

Mediation with Richard Lutringer

As a practicing business lawyer in New York for over 35 years and currently acting exclusively as a mediator in New York and California, I’ve seen the negative aspects of formal litigation and the benefits of alternative methods. I’ve seen lawyers and their clients tied up in knots for months or years while costs and bad feelings mount. Unlike a long, drawn-out trial and pretrial process, mediation can even help save friendships, family ties, and business relationships—in addition to resolving a dispute in a unique, agreeable way. Let me help you reach the best solution for you and all concerned.