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Family Business Disputes

Conflict is Inevitable

FamilyBusinessDisputesConflict among business owners or owners and employees is sometimes unavoidable, but it can be a healthy first step toward moving beyond a stagnant situation. Disputes in many family businesses are a tangled web of family and business dynamics and may seem impossible to address once the founder is no longer involved on a regular basis. While many of the challenges family businesses face are similar to those of any other business, family businesses have a third dimension that can strengthen or weaken the business.

Dispute Resolution through Mediation

Family business disputes must be handled with care, as business relationships, family ties, and the future of the business are all at stake. Because it is often hard to separate business and family dynamics from each other, these types of disputes create a web of challenges. Disputes may arise from disagreements over new leadership or strategies, personal issues, ethical standpoints—or all of the above. If not resolved carefully, a dispute can tear both the business and the family apart.

However, if resolved properly, a family business dispute can lead to newfound understanding, along with personal and professional growth. As a neutral mediator, I help all involved parties communicate in order to find a mutually acceptable solution. During the confidential, informal mediation process, I will help you identify underlying issues that are affecting your business decisions. I’ll work with each party, individually and together, to develop a vision for moving forward.

Disputes within a family business have the power to tear apart your company and your family. Allow me to show you how mediation can not only prevent this from happening, but also lead to increased understanding and productivity.