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Exit Planning

Set up for Success

ExitPlanningAll too often, family businesses do not endure through multiple generations. This is frequently because the previous owner did not develop an exit plan, leaving the future of the business in the hands of an unprepared family member. Every privately-held business, whether big or small, needs a systematic approach to exit planning.

Family businesses have many different layers to them. With business systems and family dynamics interlaced, decisions made not only affect the business, but everyone as individuals. In order to ensure a proper balance between both components, I can help you find a lasting balance to create an effective exit plan.

Solutions Specific to Your Business

As a mediator with experience in business law and certification in family business, I can help you create a well-designed exit plan. I seek first to understand your retirement goals and future plans and help you obtain the resources to meet those goals. To set you up to achieve your business and personal goal without family conflict, I’ll help you develop strategies and solutions specific to your needs and the business’s needs.

One of the most important components of an exit strategy is choosing a successor. I’ll help you weigh your options and choose the right successor for the future of your business and family. In addition to choosing a successor, you’ll need to make important financial decisions and plans, to keep both your company and your family in one piece. We’ll develop alternative and secondary plans to account for any unforeseen variables. Through strategic exit planning, you can take practical steps to ensure that your business will thrive for years to come.