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Estate Disputes

Keeping the Peace

EstateMediation-BabyAfter a loved one’s death, your family may be faced with the task of apportioning their assets based on wills and trusts. Often times, the provisions of a parent’s will or trust may seem unfair and unequal to their children. Sometimes there are legal challenges to the will, which may be better resolved privately than in court. During this time of grieving, it may be hard for many to think clearly and put their emotions to the side.

While a formal challenge in the court system may be one way to dispute a will, the process can just add to your family’s emotional and financial distresses. You’ve just lost one family member. Do you really want to lose relationships with any more due to disputes and accusations? As a family mediator, I can help you preserve and repair relationships, while simultaneously reaching a fair, amicable decision. Through estate mediation, which is often parallel to the probate proceeding, I’ll assist your family in retaining control of the situation and crafting your own dispute resolution.

Why Mediation Works

When will disputes are handled exclusively in court proceedings, privacy and confidentiality go out the window. Estate mediation, on the other hand, is confidential, so your family’s private matters can remain private. Family mediation is a constructive dispute resolution tactic to clear up misunderstandings. The informal mediation setting often provides a venue to remember happier family times and heartbreaking losses. In many mediations after the emotional baggage has been unpacked and the underlying interests of each party is made visible, family members start asking themselves whether there is a reasonable way to resolve the problem.

Estate Mediation with Richard Lutringer

I conduct joint and private sessions with family members and engage in active listening. Through professional family mediation, you can develop alternatives and leave the family system intact. With my help, you will maintain family relationships and minimize the stress of court litigation.

As a neutral mediator, I assist you in developing multiple alternatives to help your family plan for the future, deal with the past, and move forward amicably. We’ll work together to reach a final decision that takes into consideration everyone’s best interests. Coping with a loved one’s death is difficult enough as it is. Let me help you with the process of moving on and healing.