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Resolving Disputes Since 2008

ComonayHistory-BabySince 2008, I have mediated hundreds of simple and complex business-to-business commercial disputes, "business divorces" between long-term business partners, employment and neighbor-to-neighbor disputes, as well as family business succession issues. Many of these disputes were already in litigation or arbitration, but a good portion were not yet (or ever) in the court process. In addition to private referrals, I mediate cases for the American Arbitration Association (AAA), CPR, FINRA, and several state and federal courts.

From the Courtroom to the Living Room

Prior to 2008, when I began devoting my career to resolving disputes as a neutral, third-party mediator, I was a partner based in the New York City office of a major international law firm, representing corporate and individual clients in business transactions throughout the country. I have a mediation office in Palm Springs, though I am not qualified as a lawyer in California since I am not legally required to do so in order to mediate California cases, whether litigated or not.

The Better Way to Solve Disputes

Most importantly, I am passionate about the process of helping people resolve differences in the conference room (or, sometimes, the living room), rather than the courtroom. My 35 years of experience as a business lawyer—watching parties and lawyers tied up in litigation knots for months or years while costs and bad feelings mount—brought me to the realization that the better way to resolve disputes is through mediation.